The best smartcar right now

The best Smart car available in the market today is arguably the Smart ForTwo, with the diesel option being one of the most fuel efficient cars you will ever come across.The new model is especially ideal for zipping about town and still has some distinct features present in the previous version. One of its greatest strengths is the small dimensions, which make it very easy to park, and because it is as long as it is wide, you can park it at a right angle, and tight parking bays won’t be a problem. The maintenance costs are also low, but of course the payoff will always be space, and lack of off-road capabilities.Going a bit into the details, all current ForTwo models are frugal, and return over 50mpg, with those fitted with a 83 horsepower engine being even more generous. The 70 horses variant performs even better, with its fuel economy standing at about 62 miles per gallon. The diesel version returns an outstanding 85mpg, and is road-tax free.On to the engines and their corresponding performance, the 1 litre petrol engine versions produce 70, 83 or 101 horsepowers, while the smaller 800cc version churns out 54bhp. The 70bhp Smart offers the best match in economy and reasonable performance. While it doesn’t come with power steering, the ForTwo has the advantage of being able to squeeze through gaps that most cars would only dream about. It features a 220 litre boot, which, when filled all the way up reaches a decent 340 litres, and has a split tailgate that can fold down and hold items while you are loading. Electronic stability control and airbags come as standard.