Tesla China revealed a surprising new accessory this week, but it has subsequently disappeared from its social media accounts.

The new accessory is in partnership with McDonald’s China. It’s a Cybertruck-inspired spoon to eat your McFlurry with, and the “accessory” is limited to 50,000 units and costs $4 according to a Twitter post by Sawyer Merritt.

A post from McDonald’s China on its WeChat account showed more photos of the spoon which comes with its own steel-looking “Cyber Spoon” packaging.

Based on the McDonald’s WeChat post, the spoons will be available from September 6th until September 26th.

Elon Musk replied to Sawyer Merritt’s tweet saying it was “fake news”. Tesla China appears to have subsequently removed the post from its Weibo page, but not before screenshots from the announcement were snapped.

Tesla is known for its unusual limited edition accessories.

In May, Elon Musk revealed a Cybertruck-themed shovel, while in July it revealed “The Reacher” for left-hand drive vehicles for UK owners.

The latter is a proposed solution for UK drivers to reach ticket booths and buttons while driving a left-hand drive Tesla sourced from Europe.

In January 2022 Tesla China announced it would offer customers the option of Karaoke microphones compatible with their Tesla infotainment system.

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