Best Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are gaining in popularity with many entries into the class from a mydrid of different manufacturers. Each year Motor Trend judges test entries in several different classes to see what truck rises to the top of the class, worthy to be crowned the Truck of the Year. 2014 was no different.

The competition is only open to new trucks or significantly changed designs and there were thirteen different trucks and heavy vans that qualified across four different classes. Each truck and heavy van was tested against a gauntlet of tests like fuel economy, quarter mile track time, 200 foot skid pad (braking) and carrying capacity. The new and innovative technology used in each truck was considered by a panel of expert judges. All of this was used to come to one conclusion: the Ram 1500 is Motor Trend’s truck of the year.

This is the second year running that the Ram 1500 has taken the award, with the 2012 truck of the Year title going to the Ford f-150.